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Dave, 23, Southampton. Im pretty simple really, I like junk food, caffeine, a good xbox game or watching something decent on TV. It's all about amarislux ❤️

My sick new jumper finally came through! Yayyyyy! Thanks! @abandonshipapparel #gorecamo #abandonfuckingship
New t-shirt selfie! Love this! #eatmyshorts #shortseater #bart #simpsons
My bands playing at Unit this coming Friday, £3 on the door and there are some decent bands playing! Come along and show your support and stay for some drinks afterwards! It’s gonna be a good night! #endlessdays #metalcore @endlessdaysuk
The look on my cats face after I’ve just spent the last hour trying the brush out the knots in her back. Bless her, she actually behaved herself, didn’t swipe for me once, and even when she wanted me to stop just gave me a sly nudge with her paw to say ‘that’s enough’ #kitty #cat #simba #fluffyface